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New Products

Can you remember when I first took over the business from Ian last September? Time has flown!  The very first new implement I designed was The Double Dutch.double-dutch-front  Ian was with me in Holland showing me the ropes and helped design this wonderful new implement.  It is double layered - a strap on one side and a tawse on the other.  And of course what else would I call it but The Double Dutch!

I was so happy with it and even more so when I have seen how popular it has become.  It will always be one of my favourites to make.

Since then, I have caught the bug – I just can’t help tinkering around in the workshop, coming up with new ideas.  The latest new implement is The Matron Strap, which I introduced to you in the last newsletter. © Eric Smeets - Fotografie

Take a look at our New Products Page.  More will be added soon, including a brand new BDSM Range.

It may be Summer, and we are still only half way through the party season - those butts still need to be kept warm! If you’re new(ish) to spanking there is plenty of advice out there on how to give and receive a spanking.  First and foremost of course is it needs to be Safe, Sane and Consensual.  But you already know that, right? Should you need any help in choosing the right implement to suit your needs, please do not hesitate to email me thelondtanners@gmail.com. 

The Limited Edition Tantrum Tamer is only available til the end of September – so get yours now! I think you (and your sub) will love it!

Thank you all for the wonderful support I have received since taking over The London Tanners from Ian.  I am told the quality of my products is at least on a par with his amazing work, which makes me feel both humble and proud.

Tile next time, my friends, spank on and keep kinky!

Nick Sig

Written by Nick London Tanners