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We want to celebrate the birth of our new website. What better way to do this with a free gift for our loyal customers or to welcome new ones!
So with any order we will add a gift! For all your disciplinary items, The London Tanners offers a wide range of straps, tawses & whips.

Simply add any item to your cart, such as a nice spanking strap, a wicked whip or the good old spanking paddle and voila, you’ll be asked to add our a special gift!

You choose if you accept or not, but hey, who can resist the free item to use for free spankings that can be given (or received) by this special made implement?

Do not hesitate, act now!

Best regards

Nick, The London Tanners.


Product Description:
The Pocket Tawse is a small  but naughty implement, made of 0.6mm black leather, with a size of 15 inch long and 1 inch wide it has two tawses of 7inch long by 0.5 inch wide.


Written by Nick London Tanners