Hi There, I’m Nick, The London Tanner, welcome to our site!

The London Tanner

The London Tanner

Since the retirement of the former owner Ian Head, the Company was passed to me to continue to produce the fine leather goods he had become known for.

I have been fully trained by the one and only Ian, the original London Tanner.


Learning my craft from Ian


The London Tanners uses the finest British Harness Leather I have ever seen. We searched throughout the world to find the exact leather to recreate these fine reproduction punishment implements in our new stock colour of Deep Tobacco Brown. We are using a tannery that has been in existence since Roman times and is now one of the only remaining Oak Bark Tanneries in Europe. All their leather is tanned using a process of vegetable or oak bark tanning, using many tallows, oils and waxes in the finish. This gives the leather a unique suppleness and durability. It takes over a year to tan the hides, as all their work is by hand (no machines or chemicals used).

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This newly acquired leather consistency is perfect for replicating the authenticity of Victorian leather Paddles, Tawses, Whips, Straps, Strops, Spanking Belts, and Martinets. We work with hides between 8-14 ounces (3-5 mm) depending on the requirements. If it is a single thickness item such as a Tawse or Ruler we use a thick 10-14 oz (5-6 mm) leather. If it is a double or triple layer item such as a Boudoir Paddle or Spanking Strop, where it is sewn together, then a 8-12 oz (3-4 mm) leather is used.

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All of our work is individually hand crafted, piece by piece, to the highest saddlery standards as dictated by the authentic traditions of the Old World masters. The saddle stitching on all of our items is done by hand, using a locking saddle stitch at six stitches per inch. A six cord waxed linen and nylon combination thread is used to give maximum strength. All the edges are beveled and burnished to a glass smooth finish. The reinforcements in the handles are crafted using only leather; no other materials such as wood or metal are ever used. A minimum of hardware and rivets provide accents only when necessary and are of the highest quality available, emphasizing primarily the rich full beauty and durability of the leather itself.


The London Tanners disciplinary items are used regularly in videos and movie productions by Real Spankings, Spankings Online, Punished Brats, Spanking Source, Shadow Lane, Amateur Spanking, Fetish Flicks and many many more. We also supply many professional Doms, Dommes, clubs and organizations  In fact anyone with discerning taste who is looking for the very highest quality discipline instruments.


Be sure to regularly check our Blog NOTES FROM THE WORKSHOP. There you will find lots of information on new products, parties and events we’ll be attending, as well as things of general interest to our community.

To those of you I have yet to meet, I invite you to relax, browse, and enjoy a bit of history, as well as our finest Austere English Collection of hand crafted replica Leather Spanking Straps, Strops, Tawses, Paddles and Whip Martinets for the discerning Disciplinarian.

Nothing would give us greater pleasure than to see some of our work in your toy bag!!

Sincerely yours,

Nick, The London Tanners