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As so many people were enquiring about the Riding Crop, we have decided to reintroduce it to our range.


The Riding Crop is 26.5 inch in length with a short piece of leather (1.5 inch) on the end.  It is designed not to cause weals or significant hurt, and hence the leather end is the only part of the crop which should strike.  It causes a characteristic snap-sting sensation, with a small reddened patch on the skin.  Crops should always be used on bare skin.

The riding crop is a symbol of authority, and its use should strike fear into the hearts of potential recipients.  It can easily be carried around, and can be used to give symbolic ‘encouragement’ to submissives/slaves, to encourage them to work harder, and in this role, it is unparalleled.

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Written by Nick London Tanners