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How’s your Summer going?  Judging by how busy I have been in my workshop, it looks like you are having quite a kinky summer, which is fantastic!  And I have added two new exciting items to our online shop.

Introducing The London Tanner Starter Kit

We have decided to produce this amazing Starter Set, made up of three of our more popular items and perfect if you’re just starting out in the spanking scene.

It’s a great way to get these items at a discounted price too.  Bought individually, these would cost €237 – but buy all three in this set for €199, and also get a FREE handmade London Tanner Toy Bag to keep them in!

The Starter Set Includes:

Boudoir Paddle – a double thick, sturdy paddle, perfect for OTK spankings. A favourite and a classic.

CP Ruler Paddle - made of a single, solid, supple piece of leather, with our unique ruler strap-type handle.

Lochgelly Tawse –  A replica of the original Lochgelly made by J.Dick.

Handmade Toy Bag – Perfect to keep your leather implements in and includes our logo on the front.


All for €199!

Order your Starter Set today for a spanking journey you won’t forget!

Our other Complete Sets can be found HERE, and also come with a FREE handmade Toy Bag.


Teacher’s Tawse









This three-fingered tawse measures 21 inches long by 1.5 inches wide, similar to a Glasgow or Lochgelly Tawse. It’s made from thick (5.5mm) leather and has a unique handle, to make it extra special and comfortable for the spanker.  The smooth edges ensure minimal damage to the recipient, whilst inflicting the most pain.

“Scottish Public Schools used the tawse to punish pupils of either sex on the palm of the outstretched hand. Pupils were usually instructed to hold out one hand, palm uppermost, supported by the other hand below, which made it difficult to move the hand away during the infliction of the strokes. It also ensured that the full force of each stroke was taken by the hand being strapped. The punishment was usually inflicted by the class teacher in front of the class, to act as a deterrent to others; sometimes by a designated teacher, such as the Deputy Headmaster, to whom the pupil was sent.”



Available in two colours – Old Black or Rich Dark Tobacco Brown.

The Teacher’s Tawse is just €79 and will make a wonderful addition to any collection!  Order Yours HERE.




All of our implements are hand-crafted from beginning to end, made with care and attention for the perfect piece.

Hope you enjoy our new additions, and til next time – spank on!

Nick, The London Tanner

Written by Jo