Here is just a small selection of the great letters some of our esteemed clients have written to us. We always enjoy your feedback on our products (it really is the icing on the cake).

If you would like to send us your comments, please send them via our contact page or email them to:

Maggie: Hi Nick it Maggie again. Just wanted to let you know I received my order. And it is the best strap I ever saw. I’m sure it will work fine. Because my wooden paddles were not working any more. I’m sure I’ll be ordering again. Thank you very very much.maggie

Andy: Hi Nick, I said that I would soon order something again and here is the order. I keep two older implements for myself and this one goes to someone who liked the ones I had with me. Your craftsmanship is admired all over the world. Cheers Andy 

Rene: Hi Nick! Today, ahead of schedule, the straps arrived.  They are simply magnificent and we will have many good hours of spanking pleasures.  As always, a pleasure to use & own the original London Tanners hand crafted items!

M.H.: The strop arrived today, in good stropping order.  I am very pleased with it.  The grip feels unusually well-suited to my rather large hands.  My thanks to you, for your efficient fulfillment of my order, and to the maker, for a fine implement I am proud to own.

Dallas Spanks Hard : Hey Ian, Dallas here. Just wanted to let you know that your straps have made my videos Lone Tower and The Prank, Starring Sierra Salem and Samantha Woodley. (BTW) I disciplined Samantha in private and she fears the ruler strap! Sierra as well!!Your straps will also be featured in an upcoming DVD and update starring Pixie. That was an intense strapping session with all on a gelled bottom (for extra sting).Thanks for your excellent product!

Real Spankings: My name is Lady D and I am the Production Manager for Real Spankings. I have to say, everything we were sent two years ago is still in perfect shape even though we use them several times a week. I have never seen such quality in spanking implements!

Cody : All of Ian creations are excellent, but I especially recommend the Spanking Strop, the CP Ruler Strap, the Domestic Discipline Strap and the awsome Canadian Prison Strap. They are all personal favorites and I literally don’t travel to any spanking parties without them.

Madame Luna Shyne : I like the London Tanners for their attention to detail, their fine craftsmanship, and their emphasis on Historical and Traditional styles of erotic discipline. Right now I have 2, 4, 6, 10, 15 and 18. They are all historical replicas of authentic implements.

Morgan: I truly did look at all the rest and then I bought the best. Yes, I had to have the entire “Austere English Collection” , Yes I have built a rack dedicated to the display and ease of access to the 18 pieces in this collection. Any one of these implements would be a great addition to your personal collections and you will not find a better leather implement for your investment. Once you have your first one you will want another.

Zelle: The London Tanner name should be a household word for all spankos. I can’t imagine anyone who’s not at least heard of them, or at one time or another seen at least one implement that came from TLT. They have a history that shows longevity in this genre that certainly backs up their quality and their dedication to their customers. I’d be willing to bet, that once a customer has one implement… they’ll be buying another … and then another.. and another, etc..  Not only does The London Tanner provide a quality product that has longevity .. but due to those products.. HE BRINGS LIKE MINDS TOGETHER for hours and hours of spanking fun! What could be more of a tribute than to say a wonderful leather implement brought people together as friends or play partners, so that they could expand their horizons??

Liz: Just a quick one to say thanks for the amazingly quick service.  I ordered a CP paddle from you on Tuesday and it arrived just after 9 o’clock this morning.  Timing couldn’t be better – my Sir has been away all week and is due home this afternoon.  I told him we had a new implement and he’s already promised thatI’ll find out how effective it is after dinner.  I have a horrible feeling it will quite effective enough!

S.M: Thank you so much for all the info given through the week regarding status of my order. I would also like to state, that I am impressed by the speed of handling. If items were not in stock I admire the commitment and dedication towards me as a customer in order to process my order as swiftly as ever possible. My highest regards to The London Tanners.

I will await the implements with much anticipation, and I am so much looking forward to carefully study the implements to see and feel the quality of handcrafting, dedication and an almost fanatically approach towards materials. Just my kind of thinking too. Then comes the excitement of getting a grip on the implements and see how they can be used……..

Rebecca: Thank you so much for shipping my order so soon after my last email. It arrived very quickly and the tracking was great.  I must say, we are incredibly thrilled and impressed by the quality of the strap. My disciplinarian picked it up, tested the flexibility and smiled. Let me tell you, that first lick was something else. 🙂 We were both quite pleased by the results. We have used a number of different implements over the last year including a rather wicked little Loopy Johnny, and after the first round of play with our new strap he said that he has never seen me jump so much. He loved the response he got with little effort. He also commented on the amazing quality of the leather and was impressed by the fact that it was handmade. The leather is soft, supple, and flexible and certainly stings like nothing else. Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I will definitely be purchasing our next leather implement from the London Tanners. You are the best! Thanks again.

Lottey: Just a word to say how much Master and I enjoyed his present.  Although I think he enjoyed it a little more than I did 🙂 Thank you for putting the curtain weight in, it made it feel more “custom made” for him.  It is the most incredible strap and had me “dancing” very quickly.  Can’t wait to feel it again when my backside recovers.