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Dear customers,

Well, summer is over and we are now into Fall, the long hot lazy days are over and evenings come earlier. The first half of 2023 was a difficult one for us, but I’m happy to say that it’s all good now.  Production is going well again and we grateful to our loyal customers for all the new orders. We really appreciate your enthusiasm for our products and your support.

National parties in the US

The 2023 party circuit in the US has been vigorous and well attended. It seems amazing that already several of the best-known national parties have come and gone: the Oasis parties in Las Vegas on Presidents’ Day in February and on the Labor Day weekend in September, and last June the Texas All State Spanking Party (“TASSP”) in Dallas. These parties attract people from across the US and Canada, as well as enthusiasts who fly in from the UK, from Holland and from Spain. If you’ve never been to one of these parties you might be astonished to see 200-400 people attending and having fun. They are a great mix of people, from those who are new to the lifestyle and learning their way, maybe attending their first big party, through to experienced regulars. They are welcoming and inclusive, an excellent opportunity to make new friends, learn new things, buy some essential implements (hint, hint!), and leave with memories and new experience.

The lifestyle communities are widespread and quite strong in the US, with local and regional parties, and far too many local munches to count. If you want to find munches and other events near where you live do go and check out the Events section of – there’s an amazing amount – and of course the best ones include enthusiasts with implements from The London Tanners! (You already knew that, didn’t you?🤣 )

Exciting!!  A New National Party

On the subject of national parties in the US we want to give a shout-out to a brand-new national party that will have its first annual party in Atlanta, Georgia during 21-23 March 2024. It’s the Georgia Spanking Party (GASP) and the signs are that it’s going to be a welcome addition to the calendar. So look out for GASP – we expect it to make a noticeable impact! You can find more information at and

Coming soon: The Lone Star Spanking Party, Houston, Texas, November 2023

The Lone Star Spanking Party is coming up soon – in November in Houston. There will be lots of events in the schedule, which you can find at

When you go, don’t forget to visit the Vendors Fair on the Friday evening and the Saturday afternoon. We will be at the fair and will offer a great selection of old and new customer favorites at special party prices. So what are you waiting for?

New Implement

We’re excited to tell you about a new product we’re making. It will be available for orders soon, in time for the Lone Star party, and some will be at the vendor fair:

Our beautiful but wicked Extra Long Reformatory Strap is made of firm, heavy 10 oz (4-5 mm) dense Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather of the finest quality. The strap measures 25 inches by 3 inches including a 8-inch moulded leather handle that is cross-laced at the back, making for a very comfortable grip. The blade is 17 inches long with six 1/4 inch holes to deliver a little extra sting. It is approximately 1/4 inch thick.

The strap is ideal for using with the culprit standing or bending over a bed, desk or chair. It is as comfortable for the Top as it is uncomfortable for the bottom! Its size and weight make it the perfect deterrent for naughty boys and girls, especially when hung on its 3/4 inch nickel D ring as a deterrent for all to see. 

The extra lenght of the longer version will give a special experince !

Nick, The London Tanners

Written by Nick London Tanners