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Nip those tantrums in the bud with our London Tanner Tantrum Tamer Tawse (try saying that ten times fast after a few beers!)  The second in our 2016 series of Limited Editions.

© Eric Smeets - FotografieMade from our finest Red Burgundy Leather, it is 4.5mm thick.  21 inches long and 1.5 inches wide.  It is more flexible that our Lochgelly Tawse so will give more of a lasting sting than a thuddy feel.

The handle is like that of our CP Series attached for good grip and a D ring for hanging. A saddlers’ crease line runs around the tawse and all the edges are bevelled and burnished to a glass smooth finish.

Each one will be numbered in this Collector’s Series for 2016, and only available for 3 months. The perfect partner to our First Limited Edition ‘Awakening Strap’.

Each year we will bring 4 new Limited Editions to collect – one for every season. By the end of the year you will have the complete ‘Seasonal Collectors Series of 2016’!

Now for Something Completely New!



We have managed to get our hands on this stunning, elegant, solid silver necklace.  It’s unique design would make a perfect subtle Day Collar for a very lucky Submissive/Slave.

The “Passion” necklace is handcrafted by a very talented Dutch Metal Artist – Willem Pastoor - who works with precious metals, creating quirky, geometric designs.  Perfection in every detail and so unique, you will be envied by all who see it!

Circling the neck and pointing to the heart – what better way to show your devotion and appreciation?

We only have 20 – so get yours now! Find it HERE


Look out for a new range of London Tanner BDSM products coming soon. We are perfecting a range of leather cuffs, collars and other items to add to the website very soon!

Twitter Polls

Just for fun over on Twitter, we ran a couple of Polls.

What is Your Favourite Leather Implement? And

What is Your Favourite Spanking Position?

And the results are….A Leather Paddle or Strap, Over the Knee -  which doesn’t surprise me, as that is my favourite too!  Join us on Twitter for more kinky fun.

Til next time, stay kinky and spank on!

Nick Sig

Written by Nick London Tanners