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Thank you so much to Slave Girl Rachabl for this review of our Reformatory Tawse:

When this three stroke whip arrived, I was surprised by the solid leather. The strokes are made of a thick leather and round about slanted. The handle is laced with a nice round lace, witch makes the strokes bent to each other. There is an eye at the top of the whip to hang it on, I find it very practical. It kind of reminds me to slendermans hand with three long fingers. It looks really nasty and when I tried it on my hand, I thought it wouldn’t be that bad as it seemed, but I was mistaken, as I would found out later.

When I was being spanked with this whip, I felt right away the sharpness caused by the ends of the strokes. This probably is because of the slanted finish, but also because of the thickness of the leather. Mostly you feel the sharp ends of the whip. By the convex of the whip, the strength is highly reduced when the lengths of the strokes are reaching your skin. My bottoms are way more sensitive than my boobs, so my spanker moved to my boobs, but also on my boobs this whip was to hard to handle for me. My boobs were colouring red quickly, but they didn’t show any sign of bruising. I thought this was typical about this whip. My bottoms were also very red, but not bruised. My skin didn’t show any sign of damaging. Although my spanker did whip me firm with it for quite some time. I wanted bruises, but I wasn’t get any and I couldn’t handle the sharp pain of this whip any longer.

I own whips that are less painfull, but bruise far more easily. I strongly believe this is a perfect whip for masochists who can handle sharp pain well and rather don’t walk around with bruises. Although I do expect this will show it signs eventually when you use it firm enough and long enough. I didn’t make it that far. Masochists with a low pain-level or thin skin, I wouldn’t recommend this whip. I think this is Slendermans whip hand, a mean bastard for die-hards.

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Written by Jo