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For One Week Only – Save €100 on these London Tanner Sets!

For One Week Only we are giving you a HUGE discount on these three Sets.

The Traditional Series includes:
The Irish School Strap + The Canadian Prison Strap + The Lochgelly Tawse + The Razor Strap + The Reformatory Paddle

The normal Price for this Set is €549. This week, you can get your hands on all five implements for just €449! This is amazing value and a great chance to own some serious spanking toys!

The Domestic Discipline Set includes:
The DD Strap + The Boudoir Paddle + The DD Spanking Strop + The Grandma Slipper Paddle + The DD Paddle + The Loopy Johnny + The French Martinet

Seven beautiful implements in one amazing set. Normal Price is €629 – but for one week only it’s €529! Each item has a hand-sewn, built-up handle which make them a pleasure to use! The Martinet has a carved wooden handle and wrist strap. These are all best sellers, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to get them all in one handy set for an incredible price!

The Corporal Punishment Set includes:
The CP ruler Tawse + Daddies Double Trouble + The CP ruler Strap + The CP Ruler Paddle small + The CP Ruler Paddle large + The Dungeon Tawse

These items in our Corporal Punishment Series have always been popular. Our unique, layered handles ensure a comfortable grip and great durability. This is a versatile set incorporating straps, tawses and a slapper paddle. A great start-up set or additional to your current collection. Normal price for this set is €479 – but now you can have it for the amazing price of €379!

Don’t Miss Out! This offer starts today and will end at Midnight on 12th March! It’s your only chance to save €100 and own a complete London Tanner Set! Order from our website today!

Happy Spanking!


Written by Jo