March 22, 2018 News No Comments

My pal, Andy of ‘Someone’s Gonna Get It‘ approached me a few weeks ago asking if I’d mind being interviewed.  Of course, I said yes, after all, who can resist talking about themselves?

In this interview, I reveal the history of The London Tanners, how I came to take over the company and how long it took to learn the craft.  I also reveal what my best selling implement is and also my favourite one!

So, if you’re curious and want to learn more, head over to ‘Someone’s Gonna Get It’ Blog and read why The London Tanners Should be on Your Shopping List.  If you do, you will find a nice little surprise at the end – my gift from me to you – so go check it out, as the gift will only be valid for a few weeks!

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Til next time….spank on!  Nick, The London Tanners.

Written by Jo