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Halloween is soon – will you be tricked or treated with a London Tanner implement?

trick-or-treat Going to a Halloween Party? Why not send us your pictures in costume so we can share them with our Followers? Better still…. In costume spanking or being spanked 😉

With Christmas only ten weeks away – have you written your letter to Santa yet? Not sure about what you’d like? We can help! Read on to find out the differences between all the implements and how to use them, so you are ready to choose that perfect gift!


Straps, Paddles, Tawses

Leather straps and paddles come in hundreds of different shapes and intensities. They can range from the humble trouser belt through to weighted Irish Strap.


Domestic Discipline Strap          Grandma Slipper Paddle                          Lochgelly Tawse

Paddles generally have a distinct handle whereas straps do not. Tawses are basically straps that have one or two splits to create fingers cut into the end. These implements are really only suitable for use on bottoms, tops of legs and hands.

Straps and tawses are generally made from leather, while paddles can come in a variety of different finishes such as leather, rubber, plastic and wood. I prefer these classic corporal punishment implements when made from quality leather. There is something quite delicious about the feel of leather against the skin. Always remember that leather equipment softens with time and needs special care – you can read about leather care HERE.

Paddles tend to cover a bigger area of the bum than a strap and since they are usually quite stiff you don’t have to worry about controlling the tip as much. When using straps or tawses you should measure the stroke before delivering it. To measure the stroke you use a technique where the first strike you make merely touches the bottom gently. You can then check where the stroke has landed and thus ensure you know exactly where a hard strike will land. Ensure that the tip of the implement lands about three-quarters of the way into the furthest buttock.

The longer the strap the harder it is to control the tip, so the more practice you need before using it. Try to get the flat of the strap or tawse and not the edges to land on the bottom or target area. It should land with a good crack if it lands correctly and a dull sound if wrong.


      Matron Strap                    Irish School Strap                    Double Dutch

I have found the main problem when receiving strokes from these implements is that the power behind the stroke or the implement itself can continually land on the furthest buttock.

As the administer it is important to be aware of this problem as it concentrates the punishment on to one area making the punishment uncomfortable in the wrong way! To solve this problem I would suggest either aim and strike at each cheek separately or alternate with a backhand stroke so that each cheek receives the same amount of punishment. Be confident and well practised if you do use backhand as it is a very difficult stroke. Beware of cheap straps/paddles/tawses that have rough or sharp edges as they can cut into the skin.

lochgelly-tawse Also worth mentioning are the famous Scottish Lochgelly tawses. These were originally used in a very specific way. The tawse would be draped over the shoulder and brought down onto the recipient’s palm by whipping the forearm down. The elbow was kept locked into the side of the body and this meant that extreme accuracy was possible. It you are going to attempt this stroke be aware that it should land in the palm of the hand. Note that bones in the hand and fingers are very easy to break, so only very gentle strokes should be administered.

This is just a general guide so please note The hardness/ softness of any instrument will actually depend on the intensity of the given stroke. Every piece of equipment is different; two types of similar straps may for example, have completely different intensities. New leather equipment will soften with use and a very hard instrument may become quite gentle over time.

How people react to each instrument is different. Pain is a relative concept. Individuals all have their own preferences. For example, if you hate the sensation of cats/floggers you will find them difficult and painful to take.

Remember: The whole point of using any implement is that it can inflict a harder blow than would be possible with your hand. Differing implements allow the discipliner to choose what kind of severity they wish the punishment to consist of. Make sure you fully comprehend the intensity of the implement you are intending to use.

Check out all our beautiful straps, paddles and tawses.  I hope this helped a little in making your decision!

London Tanner Christmas Strap


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Til next time… spank on!  And Happy Halloween!

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Written by Nick London Tanners