August 6, 2023 News No Comments

Dear customers,

It’s been a while since the last newsletter. Some of you know that the last six months have been difficult for me. Production ran into delays because of some personal problems.  Besides that we had some supply issues. – we only work with top grade leather and for a while we weren’t getting acceptable supplies.

I sincerely apologize for this!

The good news we want to share with you is that we’re back on schedule and can process orders in our usual turnaround time again.

We are really grateful to our good customers for their patience. Thank you for your loyalty and support – it means so much to me. And to show our gratitude here’s a 15% discount code that’s good for any purchases till September 15,  2023.  Use CODE:  2023DISCOUNT

We’re planning to introduce some new and special implements this year. The first of them is this wicked New French Martinet with an 7” leather handle and 14 pieces 20” lashes:

The sting from this beauty is unreal!

Have a great Summer everyone.

Don’t forget to use the discountcode between now and 15th September.


Nick,  The London Tanners


Written by Nick London Tanners