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Get these 3 pieces in one set

The Boudoir Paddle:

Boudoir (noun): A womans bedroom or private sitting room; from the late 18th century. In French, bouder literally means to pout or sulk. A lot of loving domestic discipline was administered in the bedroom, whether for privacy or erotic appeal, over the end of a bed or a vanity chair.
This beautiful oval leather Paddle is one of our biggest sellers. Its made of a double layer of British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather of the finest quality; the Top layer is 4mm (10oz) and the bottom layer is 5-6mm (12+oz).  The Boudoir   Paddle is over 3/8ths of an inch thick and is hand-saddle stitched around the entire paddle measuring 12 inches by 4 inches, including its 5 inch reinforced handle.  The Boudoir Paddle is ideal for delivering a sound, over-the-knee spanking.  It is as comfortable for the top as it is uncomfortable for the bottom! Its size and shape make it a perfect accessory for a Ladys vanity or Gentlemans dressing table. Ideal for a sound bed-time spanking!!

The Lochgelly Tawse:

This is an exact replica, made to the original specifications of the Lochgelly Tawse made by J Dick & sons, and as used in Scottish schools up until the early seventies. It is hand-crafted from the finest 12+ oz (5-6 mm) dense Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather, and stamped  for heavy.  It measures 21 inches by 1.5 inches wide and has two 9 inch tails.

The CP Ruler Paddle small:

This small, sleek but remarkably effective paddle was designed for a short sharp over-the-knee lesson in behaviour.  This paddle has sold out at every vendor event weâve ever attended; in fact, we can’t keep them in stock. This paddle is made of a single, solid, supple piece of 12+ oz (5-6 mm) British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather, with our unique ruler strap-type handle attached for good grip, and a D-ring for hanging. This stingy little devil measures 13 inches by 2 inches of pure punishment. 
Its size makes it ideal for on-the-spot correction and it is small enough to fit in a pocket or handbag.

All our implements are made from our thick Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather and in a choice of Rich Tobacco Brown or Black. They are hand-crafted from beginning to end, made with care and attention for the perfect piece. It is bevelled and burnished to a glass-smooth  finish, with a saddlers crease around the edge.  Not only amazing to use and feel, but beautiful to the eye too.

Although we try to select the perfect piece of leather for our implements, sometimes the leather does have slight blemishes and grain. Also, because this is a natural material, colour may vary slightly from hide to hide. This however, we feel is what adds to its individual natural character.

ATTENTION:  All our products require professional use to prevent unwanted injury. The London Tanners are not liable for any injury.

Nick, The London Tanners

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Old Black, Tobacco Brown


  1. Nick London Tanners

    The starter set of London tanners.

    If you appreciate quality leather goods this is the first place to check out.
    The leather itself is extremely high quality. The rich tobacco brown always garnishes praise. Experienced players have marveled at the workmanship. These are made to exacting standards and it shows. It feels like old world artisanal craftsmanship from the dyeing process to the stitching. The company itself is friendly, courteous and professional .

    Humble request for a promo code please if your so inclined. Thank you
    Sincerely a new found life customer

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