CP Ruler Strap With Holes

CP Ruler Strap With Holes

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CP Ruler Strap With Holes, a simple, yet very effective implement. 21 inches long by one inch wide, made from our thick British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather, it has a triple-thick handle for easier grip, and a D-Ring for hanging on the wall as a deterrent for misbehavior!  A saddlers crease line runs around the strap.

It can be used in more sensitive areas, such as the inner thigh for intense chastisements 😉

All our implements are made from our thick Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather and in a choice of Rich Tobacco Brown or Black. They are hand-crafted from beginning to end, made with care and attention for the perfect piece. It is beveled and burnished to a glass-smooth finish, with a saddlers crease around the edge.  Not only amazing to use and feel, but beautiful to the eye too.

Although we try to select the perfect piece of leather for our implements, sometimes the leather does have slight blemishes and grain. Also, because this is a natural material, colour may vary slightly from hide to hide. This, however, we feel is what adds to its individual natural character.

ATTENTION:  All our products require professional use to prevent unwanted injury. The London Tanners are not liable for any injury.

Nick, The London Tanners

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Old Black, Rich Dark Tobacco Brown

2 reviews for CP Ruler Strap With Holes

  1. Paul (verified owner)

    This is a very sharp little strap. It was used on me as a warm up before bigger and heavier straps and canes, but it certainly wasn’t “gentle” in any sense. The size and weight mean that it is very controllable and very accurate. The holes and slim profile also mean that it delivers a very concentrated sting.

    As I was bent over waiting for this thing to strike, I was expecting a nice little sting. A way to gently build the sensation ahead of a brutal strapping from the prison straps and canes that were lined up ready to follow. beside Kind of an “amuse bouche” before the serious stuff. But my top (as usual) just started swinging her arm freely and it hurt a lot more than expected. Very concentrated sharp sting, no thud.

    If you’re a heavy player, this is a surprisingly sharp way to warm up. If you’re more of a novice, or gentle player, this strap can really sting.

    Yet another wonderful creation from LT!

  2. Lee (verified owner)

    I would totally agree with Paul’s review. I have had 3 sessions with it, I took 36 each time. It is a great way to get warmed up for the heavy duty stuff. It works on your hands is great for cbt and creates total agony on the soles of your feet. If your new to cp or experienced it is a great thing to have. It doesn’t look very frightening, but it sure gives you a sting you will remember.

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