Irish School Strap

Irish School Strap

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Our Traditional Irish School Strap is a good example of the type used throughout Ireland in schools and homes up until the mid-70s and is a great piece to add to your collection.

It is made of two layers of dense Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather; the Top layer is 4mm (10oz) and the bottom layer is 5-6mm (12+oz).  The strap is hand saddle-stitched together completely around the edge at 6 stitches per inch. It has a leather insert in the handle to build it up to a rounded finish. It measures 17 inches by 2 inches and is approx 3/8ths inch thick.

‘The Leather’ (Irish School Strap) as the name suggests was a leather strap, normally measuring between 13 inches to 18 inches long by 1.5 to 2 inches wide, with a thickness varying from a quarter-inch to a half-inch using 2, 3, or 4 layers of leather, depending normally on the age of the boys for whom it was intended. The leather had a shaped handle at the teacher’s end, and it was often stiffened and weighted internally. I must say that it was a beautifully crafted instrument, but not admired by those on the receiving end.  It made a fantastic impact on landing on palms or backsides.

All our implements are made from our thick Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather and in a choice of Rich Tobacco Brown or Black. They are hand-crafted from beginning to end, made with care and attention for the perfect piece. It is beveled and burnished to a glass-smooth finish, with a saddlers crease around the edge.  Not only amazing to use and feel, but beautiful to the eye too.

Although we try to select the perfect piece of leather for our implements, sometimes the leather does have slight blemishes and grain. Also, because this is a natural material, colour may vary slightly from hide to hide. This, however, we feel is what adds to its individual natural character.

ATTENTION:  All our products require professional use to prevent unwanted injury. The London Tanners are not liable for any injury.

Nick, The London Tanners

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Old Black, Tobacco Brown

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  1. Paul (verified owner)

    I ordered a longer 21″ version of the Irish School Strap and it really is an incredible – and beautiful – strap. First of all it is VERY authentic for those who may have memories of the “real thing.” The colour, the shape, and most of all the “feel” will take you right back in time!

    In terms of usage, the handle is very nicely curved and fits comfortably in any hand. The double thickness keeps it very stiff, even at 21″, making it very easy to maintain accuracy as the severity of the swing increases. And of course the heavy dense leather means that when it lands it delivers a breathtaking mixture of intense sting and deep leather burn. In fact it’s so easy to use that my top didn’t even need to try a few trial swings. She just opened up her shoulders and had me gasping for breath from the first searing impact.

    This strap inflicts a lot of pain very easily. Another wonderful creation from the London Tanners, this is definitely now one of my favorite straps for a heavy, painful punishment session. And for those who enjoy the burning feel of a traditional strap, I strongly recommend a longer version!

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