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Tied up at home, in isolation?  Don’t worry, we are in this together, and we will get through it.  Here at The London Tanners, we are taking all the precautions we can and I am self-isolating in my workshop.

Keep me busy, folks, so I don’t go stir-crazy, haha.  I understand times are tough and so, for the next two weeks, you will receive a FREE New Obedience Strap with any order!!  

The Obedience Strap is 15 inches long and 1 inch wide.  The handle is shaped for a comfortable grip.  Made from our usual heavy leather, 5.5 mm thick and available in a choice of colours – brown or black.   A saddlers crease runs around the edge and it is polished to a beautiful, glass-smooth finish.  A strap to command obedience, that’s for sure! 

To get your Obedience Strap for FREE, simply place an order in the next two weeks.  (only one per customer)

Simply tell me if you’d like your free gift in Dark Brown or Black in the comments at checkout, and it will automatically be included with your order.  At least if you’re in isolation you will have some new toys to play with 😉  Virtual play sessions and munches can be fun too, with a little imagination 😉  This item will be on sale on our website for 79 Euro after the two weeks, so get it now for free, with any order.

Two New Items!

Also, for your discerning pleasure, we are adding something new and exciting to our website.

Firstly, The London Tanner Leather Cane.  Canes are a distinctive sign of authority and versatile to use.  Which is why this cane should be included in every play session.  It is made from 3 layers of leather, 24” long and 1” wide, hand-stitched.  The length means it can be used in the same way as a normal cane, but with the unique sensation only leather can bring. The built-up handle is the same as our CP range of implements, with a D-Ring on the end for hanging.  Be the first proud owner of The London Tanner Leather Cane…..order HERE.

Secondly….let me introduce this monster of a strap…

The Extra Heavy Texas Prison Strap

As if our regular Prison Strap wasn’t mean enough, here we have an Extra Heavy Texas Prison Strap.  It is the same size – 25” by 3”- as our regular Canadian Prison Strap, but the blade is double-thickness.  That is 10mm thick.  Ouch!  For serious, hard players.  It is hand-stitched all the way around and has a five-layered built up, rounded handle for a good grip.

Get your hands – and bottoms – on this beauty HERE.



Enjoy the new items, and get your free Obedience Strap as a gift before it goes on sale in two weeks time.

Stay positive, play safe, and spank on!

Nick, The London Tanners



Written by Nick London Tanners