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Friday 13th is considered unlucky by some, but not us at The London Tanners!  Today is a good day!  Why?  because today is the day YOU decide to treat yourself to a London Tanner implement AND get a FREE GIFT!  Although, that might be considered UNLUCKY for those naughty bottoms!

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With so many implements to choose from, how can you resist?  All the original London Tanner collection, as well as NEW implements, designed by me – take a look and take advantage of receiving your free GIFT before they run out!  Just buy any implement and add the free pocket strap to your cart.





More Good News!

We now offer faster delivery to USA so you don’t have to wait so long for your order!  Delivery time is now up to 5 working days to the USA from the time we complete the handcrafting of your order!  We will always let you know your order is on its way, with a tracking number, so you can see how close your parcel is!

You can view our Shipping Policies HERE

Good Luck!

For all college/university STUDENTS out there who are taking exams we wish you luck.  Let’s hope you don’t need a dose of motivation via a London Tanner implement (actually we hope you do!)amber 2.  Here is Ian (the original London Tanner) dealing with a naughty young lady who neglected her studies!

Perhaps THIS might help?






Thank you for your continued support and until next time, spank on!

Nick Sig



Written by Nick London Tanners