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Matron is Here (1)

Hello again!  Let me introduce Matron.  She is a beauty, but don’t mess with her, as she means business!

The Matron Strap is the latest addition© Eric Smeets - Fotografie to our London Tanner family of handcrafted implements.   It is twenty inches long by 1.5 inches wide.  Made from our thick British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather and is 4.5mm thick. Five holes along the blade for the aerodynamics and added sting.

A saddlers’ crease line runs around the strap and all edges are bevelled to a glass smooth finish. It has a folded 5.5 inch handle for easy grip and a D-Ring for hanging.

Because of the thickness, it will leave lasting marks – and those holes give it extra sting.  So any session with this gorgeous strap will be remembered.

You can rely on Matron to keep those pesky patients, unruly doctors and naughty nurses in check! Watch out, Matron’s about!

“Thank you for inviting us,” said the old Matron. “It’s been a very interesting day so far, a long climb up the tower to see Big Ben chime. We are looking forward to your part of the tour. It’s nice to see you wearing your tie today, Philpott.”

Hannah smiled. “Mmm, I remembered what happened the time you caught me not wearing it. You were very strict about my uniform when I was with you.

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You can see all of our New Products right Here – and there will be more to come.  There is something for everyone – from the biggest, meanest straps to the harmless (yeh, right!) paddles.

passionAnd for something completely different check out the beautiful silver necklace we have a limited number of.  It is very special and unique! We only managed to get our hands on twenty of these and there are only a  few left!

Til next time, spank on!

Nick Sig

Written by Nick London Tanners