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The Limited Edition ‘Lover’s Revenge’ proved very popular – it seems you kinky folk like that supple red leather!  I loved making it and will certainly be working with that gorgeous leather more in the future! And of course the FREE pocket tawse was great hit (excuse the pun!), so congratulations if you managed to get one!

A New Range of Limited Editions

We are introducing a whole new range of implements to The London Tanners.  A ‘Seasonal Collectors’ Series’ of limited editions. Each item is numbered and unique, and only available for a limited time.

The first is the limited edition is to celebrate Spring and we call it the ‘Awakening Strap 2016’.


20″ Long by 2.5″ Wide in rich burgundy red 4.5mm thick leather.  The handle is 6″ long with rivets and a handy D-ring on the end (similar to the CP range).

Available only until 30th June 2016!

Who wouldn’t want a good morning wake-up spanking with this?

Start your Seasonal collection now and by the end of the year you will have the whole ‘Seasonal Collectors Series of 2016’!

This series is coming back every year with 4 new limited editions to collect – one for every season.

And that’s not all!

You can get this FREE POCKET STRAP with every order you make from The London Tanners!  This beauty is made in black 6mm thick leather and is 1″ wide by 15″ long – a perfect companion to the free pocket tawse we gave away last month!  So what are you waiting for – place an order and get this FREE gift as a thank you from us!

Available only until 30th June 2016!









Until next time -  Thank you for your continued support and spank on!

Nick Sig

Written by Nick London Tanners