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We have a very special and unique item for sale, something a little different.

This London Tanner Horsehair Flogger is the only one of its kind.  Black, 42 inches long with a leather handle of 8 inches.   It’s something you will love to own, as, with all our products, it will last a lifetime.  You will not find a better horsehair flogger.

The handle is made from our finest black leather, tapering to points around the flogger.  It has a handy loop on the end so it can be clipped to a belt or hung.

This is the only one available.  We can’t say when another will be available and any future ones will be different.  This one is €300 and you can buy it HERE.

Horsehair Floggers are superb warm-up floggers – soft and sensual, yet the hairs have a little stiffness, giving a little sting.  It delivers a totally different sensation to other floggers.

Be quick to get your hands on this beautiful flogger, you won’t see this one for sale ever again!  Once it’s gone, it’s gone.



Christmas Set Have All Sold Out

Congratulations to all those who were able to get their hands on this beautiful set.  Look out for future Limited Editions!

May we take this opportunity to wish all of our wonderful customers a very Happy and Kinky Christmas and hope all your (wet) dreams come true!

Nick, The London Tanners

Written by Nick London Tanners