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Let’s Talk Positions!

Last time I talked about choosing your implement, so this time I will talk about positions – something that is almost as important! I have written it for beginner-spankos, but there may be a new idea in there for you!


Classic Positions

Placing the submissive into a fixed position for a punishment can be a very important ritual. Certain positions can induce a feeling of vulnerability or place the person into a position of helplessness.

Seeing the submissive bent into certain shapes or positions can also be very erotic for the dominant. Two classic positions used for Corporal Punishment are ‘over the knee’ (otk) and ‘bending over, touching your toes’. If you have someone over your knee you should hold him or her firmly round the waist and keep your legs at a right angle, slightly parted, so they don’t fall off. They should be able to rest their arms and legs on the floor. For complete control, bend your submissive over only one knee, holding both their wrists with your spare hand, place your other free leg over the backs of their knees.

StephMorgReformRemember, as I have said before, being put over someone’s knee can make you very dizzy after a while, so try lying the submissive over your lap on a sofa/bed for long spankings.

One rather unorthodox position I rather like is called the ‘wheelbarrow’ positionthe receiver sits naked, legs open on the Dominant’s lap facing away from them. They then bend forward and place their elbows on the floor, the Dominant then opens their legs. You are completely helpless in this position and extremely vulnerable.

Master-Bondage-Belt-in-useTouching your toes is difficult even for the most flexible of us, so have the submissive grasp their knees instead or bend them over the back of a chair making them hold the seat. Be aware that any position that makes the bottom taut will make the chastisement more painful especially when caning.

The Winchester position gets its name from its use in the public school of the same name. This position for receiving punishment involves placing two chairs back to back. The submissive kneels on the seat of one and bends over grasping the seat of the other. This really creates a raised up ‘on all fours position’. When using chairs I would suggest putting a cover on the seat and back to cushion the knees and stomach.


Lying down on a bed or even a table can be a very erotic position; pillows can be placed under the stomach to raise the bottom. There are untold positions to try, the submissive can stand spread eagle against a wall or be put on to their backs and made to raise and/or open their legs for more intimate beatings. (called the ‘diaper position’).

Remember try to be realistic about the position that you put your partner into, especially if you want them to stay put for long periods.

I would love to hear what your favourite position is!

And now for some exciting news…

Riding Crops are Coming Back!

Yes, those riding crops that Ian used to make are back. I have had so many requests to make them, I have finally done it, and will be adding them to the website very soon! Just in time for Christmas, I say!

Speaking of which… if you are thinking of ordering a London Tanner implement for that special someone in your life for Christmas, please do so soon, as the workshop is getting very busy now. There are only a few Limited Edition Christmas Straps left too. I only made 15, and each is numbered.


Ian told me that he and his partner, Jo, went to a great party at The Annex in Kings Lynn, UK, last weekend. I wish I could have been there as it sounded like an awesome party and I would have loved to have met you all. Maybe next time!

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Til next time, fellow spankos….spank on!

Nick Sig

Written by Nick London Tanners