The DD Spanking Strop

The DD Spanking Strop


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This Strap is very much like a refined copy of Daddy or Mommys Belt or Razor strop. The sound of the impact will command respect and obedience, to say nothing of the feel! This should be a mainstay of any self respecting disciplinarians collection.
This 18 inch strap can be used for a very sound over the knee spanking, or with the recipient bent over a bed, desk or sofa. The overall length is doubled with a thickness of 1/4+ inch. The strap is made of the finest quality 10 oz (4-5mm) British Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather, with a rounded 6 inch reinforced, hand saddle-stitched handle. It is fully beveled, burnished and has finished edges with a saddlers crease line around the outside. Its an ideal deterrent for hanging on display.
This strap is a replica of an original strap circa 1948 and is hand-crafted to those original specifications by The London Tanners. It is Ideal for chastising that naughty boy or girl.

All our implements are made from our thick Oak Bark Tanned Harness Leather and in a choice of Rich Tobacco Brown or Black. They are hand-crafted from beginning to end, made with care and attention for the perfect piece. It is bevelled and burnished to a glass-smooth  finish, with a saddlers crease around the edge.  Not only amazing to use and feel, but beautiful to the eye too.

Although we try to select the perfect piece of leather for our implements, sometimes the leather does have slight blemishes and grain. Also, because this is a natural material, colour may vary slightly from hide to hide. This however, we feel is what adds to its individual natural character.

ATTENTION:  All our products require professional use to prevent unwanted injury. The London Tanners are not liable for any injury.

Nick, The London Tanners

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